Why a cheap planner will be the best planner for 2021?

Planner, the one thing you need to step into 2021 with a concrete plan. Shopping for a good planner in December is my yearly ritual. My type of self-healing ceremony to prepare me for the brand new year.

A good planner in your hand will make you feel more grounded. There is a recent boost of planning system going around in the journaling community. Planning system such as bullet journaling has the most resounding support from the journaling community. I have tried but failed terribly. My preferred planning is to dive into my daily task of the day. Simple and no-nonsense journal system.

Why you should use a paper planner?
  • It’s easier to remember writing it down to typing it into your phone app.
  • It feels more official, like sealing up an envelope with wax.
  • It freed up the creative side of your brain
  • It allows you to make a plan with the Universe

What are the current best planners out in the market right now?
  1. Leuchtturm1917 Weekly Planner + Notebook Medium (A5)
  2. Moleskine Classic 12 Month 2021 Weekly Planner
  3. Kokuyo Jibun Techo 2021 Diary
  4. Hobonichi Techo Original Book

I would not go into deep comparison for all the planners, which I have mentioned. Their average price is around $30 and above. The price range is great if you are someone who will plan daily. Go ahead and check out their reviews on Youtube. However, for people like me, it’s not feasible for me to crack open a brand new planner without using it every day.

Thus, I begin a search journey for a “cheap” planner, which I can use guilt free for next year.

Welcome, Kinbor Planner

It’s a hobonichi techno wannabe2021 planner. Manufactured in China, it has 224 pages with 52 grams Tomoegawa papers, which are originated from Japan. It cost $13.62 on Aliexpress for the A6 version, which was my preferred size and I can throw it into my bag wherever my hustling mode took over. You can google Kinbor Planner A6 and it will show you the page to purchase it if you like.

It has almost all the information that a Hobonichi has. The only difference is that a certain part of the pages will be in Chinese instead in Japanese language. That does not bother me at all, since I am buying it to write instead of reading.

What interesting tidbits does this cheap planner have inside?

Below is the translated information based on the information found on the image.

  1. Calendar
  2. Monthly Page
  3. Monthly Project Planning page
  4. Annual Review
  5. Daily Project Page
  6. Grid Page (My Favorite Page)
  7. Time Table
  8. Annual Goal
  9. 21 Days Schedule Page (No idea, I will review it next time)
  10. Ideas Collection Page
  11. 365 days Saving Plan Page
  12. Gift Page
  13. Mini Encyclopedia
  14. China Map
  15. World Map
  16. Recommended reading list
  17. 24 Solar Terms Page

It’s quite comprehensive for a “cheap” Planner. I have already ordered it from Aliexpress and it’s currently on the way to my hands.

What about you? Do you have any cheap planner that you can share with me?

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