What lesson has the devil taught me over the year?

Let’s learn it from the devil

Devil, the symbol of sin and naughty late night thought. The buried subconscious of your hidden desire. The id of your psyche. The random impulse running up and down your nerves. The sudden uncivilized thought. The one we fear, the primitive side of us.

Yes, we all have a devil inside us. Most of my clients shunned when they saw the devil card during our Tarot card reading session. I saw the flicker of worry in their eyes and reassured them that it’s basically them wanting more materialistic stuff, money, power and etc. It’s an insatiable desire that seems never to quench. That’s nothing wrong with it. I have my own toxic. You have your own poison. Basically, we are born with a desire to feed on milk. We will throw a ruckus at our poor parents every time we are hungry. It’s a miracle that I am still alive so many years later. I can imagine the number of incessant noises I cause at 3 am many years ago.

Desire is powerful potent

Desire is a powerful potent that gives you purpose in your life. Without desire, we are basically walking dead, trying to find scraps of human flesh along the street and feeding off their energy. That’s how the name Energy Vampire was coin up. They feed on any living soul’s empathy to listen and care for them, leaving us exhausted and overwhelmed once they get their fill of energy from us.

What if pleasure and displeasure were so tied together that whoever wanted to have as much as possible of one must also have as much as possible of the other — that whoever wanted to learn to “jubilate up to the heavens” would also have to be prepared for “depression unto death”?

Friedrich Nietzsche – The gay science

Nietzsche has figured it out in the 19th century. You can choose to wake up, repeat your daily routine without any urge to desire more in life and sleep back by 10 pm. Take this behaviour and repeat it 1000 times. You will feel nothing. Nothing is scary. Nothing to look forward to, nothing is marked on your calendar, Nobody called. It’s just you and the 4 walls of your house.

By restricting the level of human desire, you are definitely reducing potential pain and trouble. But you are reducing your own level of potential happiness as well.

Go ahead, own the Devil Card

Falling into temptation is okay. Yes, I said it. Temptation is everywhere. You do not have to look far. Just a click of your phone every day is enough to set off the alarm. The desire to buy the next PS5, the brand new bag from the Gucci Winter Collection, the new phone and etc…Of course, there is a grey zone. That’s why there is a chain around “Eve’s neck” & “Adam’s neck” in the Devil tarot card. You must learn to set healthy boundaries for your poison. Own your poison before they own you.

The chain around our neck

You can spend a thousand buck on an item if you have a million buck of disposable income. However, if you choose to overspend your money to the point of no return, the devil will let out a deep bass guffaw and shake the chain around your neck. The chain of debt you need to pay back for your credit card. Yes, it’s time for you to work hard or find a way to increase your paycheck if your poison is of a higher calibre.

The disciplined earner can be a guilt-free spender.

James Clear

What’s my poison? Well, I love to smoke. Like a lot, in the past. I remember over smoking to the point of having my lungs feeling constricted. The sheer terror of discovering that I am trying to breathe but my lungs are not doing their jobs. Fortunately, it was pre-covid time.

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Nowadays, I take a step back and savour my Cigarette break after lunch. But I will never reach for the 2nd stick. That’s my boundary and the choice I set over my poison.

What’s your devil card?

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