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This 1 simple analogue tool will get rid of your writer’s block

What has Leonardo Da Vinci, Thomas Edison and Shawn Mendes had in common? They use this one simple analogue tool to catch all their fleeting thoughts. It’s a pencil. Nicolas-Jacques Conté invented the pencil in 1795. He is a scientist serving under Napoleon Bonaparte. He mixed powdered graphite with clay. After drying it out, he […]

What do you know about Grey Colour and how they become a symbol of hope?

2020 is the year of pandemic and human across the globe were force to lock themselves up in the house in order not to catch the deadly virus. Grey was widely known to be a symbol of mourning and solitude. So, what makes Pantone choose ultimate grey as the color of the year in 2021? It was the color of the Pebble.