Card of the day – 6 of swords

Date: Dec 8th, 2020


Transition, change, rite of passage, releasing baggage


  1. Boat– Movement
  2. Ocean– Subconscious
  3. Sword – Mind activities
  4. Staff – Clear singular focus


  1. Blue – Peace
  2. Grey – Humility
  3. Yellow – Optimism

Daily reading

When you’re receiving too much blocks in your workplace, it’s time to row away from the toxic environment and park yourself in new vicinity.

This year is a turbulent year for me indeed. But no regret indeed, it bought me here. I do not regret the things I have right now. So I guess I need some shit to be shaken up in order to arrive at who I am supposed to be today.

Time to let go of all the burden in my brain right now and embrace the next milestone in my life.

Here I row row row away~ gently down the sea~

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