Card of the day – 2 of Pentacles

Date: Dec 10th, 2020


Material Decisions, Financial Decisions


  1. Pentacles – Money
  2. Infinity – Interaction of Energy & Matter
  3. Boats – Movement motivated by emotions
  4. Ocean – Subconscious
  5. Red hat – Passion


  1. Blue – Emotions
  2. Yellow – Happiness
  3. Red – Passion
  4. Brown – Commitment


Oh yeah. I did my New Year shopping in a Levis store yesterday.

I spent almost close to 1.5 hours in the shop. There are too many styles and size of black jeans which kind of befuddled my senses. It’s has been “84 years” since I last bought any proper jeans for myself.

Fortunately, I manage to found the pair I want. Peace out~

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