6 tips on why you need to write down your plan on a Calendar

Calendar, an analogue tool that we use it to plan for our lives. Pope Gregory XIII introduced his Gregorian calendar in 1582 to the world. One of the invention to withstand the test of time.

A historical moment indeed.

Pencil drawing of Don Quixote

“Your calendar is a better measure of success than your bank account.”

— James Clear

#1 – Writing provide clarity, look at how far you have come

You will feel in control of your life. When life does not make sense anymore, flip back and forth on your calendar to check on your past and future events. Everything will seem to make sense to you in that instant.

Date and Time are indefinite on a calendar. You can flip anytime if you want to see how far you have arrived since the beginning of the year.

#2 – Writing will increase your dopamine level.

Writing is a brain-boosting activity that allows you to engage in many different parts of the mind. Our Caudate Nucleus is involved in learning, memory, reward, motivation, emotion, and romantic interaction.

Take a pen and write down all your friends and relatives’ birthday, you will never forget another birthday present. Running out of coffee beans? Plan it in your calendar for a trip down to the nearby grocery shop. Take back the control into your life. Having more control equate to more happiness in your life.

The act of putting pen to paper was like putting a mental sticky note in my mind; if I write something down, it’s more likely to stick with me than if I type it into my phone.

By Lisa Ryan, The Cut Opinion Page

#3 – It doesn’t require a battery, unlike your calendar app.

Your calendar will be quiet. There will be no disruption, no notification, no ads popping out halfway and absolutely no issue of battery running low. All the events you have wrote across your calendar will be safe from any digital disruption.

Your life, your daily tasks and your goals are kept safety in the grids of your calendar.

#4- 1 quick glance is all you need to figure out your life

Time is money. Take a good look at your calendar right now. That’s it, you just got your life figure it out Checking on your calendar app will require more than 1 second of your life. You might receive a sudden notification from a friend ranting on her toxic work problem.

#5- Plan your days with intent

Stick a note with your monthly goal on your calendar.

  1. Swing the kettlebell 100 times on every Tuesday and Thursday
  2. Read 10 pages of “Barking up the wrong tree” every Monday night
  3. Write an article on Medium every day

With intent, you have a motive to get your tasks done. It will trigger you do it once you have your plans staring into your face.

“I prefer my paper system for a number of reasons. It gives me a break from staring at screens. It also causes me to stay in the moment and plan my days with intent. I feel satisfaction when I physically check an item off my list.”

Anjali Khosla

#6 – X marks the sweet spot

The idioms website stated that the origin of “X marks the spot” was put into common usage by the British army, who performed executions by marking a piece of paper with a black x and positioning it on the heart of someone sentenced to death. The acting officer would say “X marks the spot” and the firing squad would shoot the X.

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Fortunately, “X marks the spot” is referring to your completed task in our current era. Marking an ‘X’ on a calendar every day means that you have completed the promise you made to yourself in the progress of your goal.

So, Grab one Calendar that you like and write down your plan.

Trust me, it will change your life.

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