How To Use Crystals To Manifest Anything You Want

I was going through a rough patch a few years back and chance upon Lokai Bracelet. The website mentioned that it carries water from Mt Everest in the white bead, representing the high points in life, and mud from the Dead Sea in the black bead, signifying the difficult moments.

It kicked start on my journey to find out more about “Self-healing” bracelet. My Partner introduced me to Smoky quartz crystal bracelet. She told me that wearing it will neutralise all my negative vibrations in my body. I was quite sceptical at first. However, there is no harm in trying on a bracelet.

There was a zap of tingling feeling going through my body.

“The varieties of Quartz with colour centres are Amethyst, Citrine and Smoky Quartz. All these gems show magnetic repulsion rather than attraction.”

Gemstone Magnetism, Magnetism in Gemstones

The Ancient Pharaohs and priests placed Quartz Crystals in cylinders around their place to balance the energies in their bodies. Ancient Roman men would often wear rings with engraved gems to display their ranks. The Ancient Chinese used Jade Crystal to make Chimes 1000 years ago. 

Crystals are still making a statement in the modern world. 

“The storage facilities are positioned as close to the palace and to the temple as they could be,” she says. “It suggests these are valuable items and indicates closely supervised management.”

Shelby Justl, Doctoral Student

The ancient Egyptians Royalty were great lovers of Crystals. They wore crystals 5000 years ago to make a statement about their wealth and social position. Ancient Pharaohs set up Crystals storage areas around their Palace and temples for close supervision.

The modern world is still using Crystals to flaunt off their luxury lives. Hailey Baldwin gave Justin Bieber a $10,000 crystal-covered popsicle on Valentine’s day. 

That’s an extravagant gift for a popsicle toy. I prefer practical gift though. 

We are Stardusts, just like Crystals. 

Photo by Adnan Raharja on Unsplash

93 Percent Stardust

“We have calcium in our bones, iron in our veins,
carbon in our souls, and nitrogen in our brains, 
93 percent stardust, with souls made of flames, 
We are all just stars that have people names.”

Nikita Gill

The first star appears 100 million years after the big bang and created the Universe.

Millions of Stars will explode and produced heavy elements such as Carbon, Nitrogen and Oxygen. The elements will go on to become the building blocks of planets and life. Eventually, Gravity draws all the stardusts together to form Planet Earth and us. We owe our existence to dying stars. We are stardust.

“Magnetization was imprinted 4.2 billion years ago when the original zircon-containing rock first cooled.”

Science Mag, New signs of a shielding magnetic field found in Earth’s oldest rock crystals

Crystals are once stardust, forming through crystallization of minerals during rock reformation.

How You Can Manifest Anything You Want With Crystals

Step 1:

My recommendation for manifesting stones are Pyrite, Amethyst, Clear Quartz and Petrified Wood

Write a letter to the Universe.

This is what I wrote last month

“Thank you, Universe for the abundance of Money, Job Interview and Potential Job Hiring Phone Calls”

I place mine under my Pyrite stone and manifest for a Job with the amount of Salary I want. One month later, I received a call from the HR and she told me that they can pay me the exact salary I want.

Crystals can work with you as allies for bringing your attention, to condense and focus energy. And of your intent. It can hold and release your intent.


Step 2:

Pick one of your favourite crystal.

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It can be any Crystals you want. As long you love it, you are imprinting your positive vibe onto it. Positivity begets positivity. Crystals vibrate at the same pitch as humans. Good thoughts are encouraged when you are holding a piece of Crystal in your hand.

When you ready, you can charge your crystals in various ways

  1. Running Water

Water is known to clear any negative energy stored inside the stone and return it to the earth.

  1. Singing Bowl

The sound produced upon striking on the Singing Bowl can create grounding energy. Sound Energy can clear your unwanted thought and realign to what you want to do in the present.

  1. Under the Sunlight

Sun energy tend to be more “masculine”. Having more masculine energy in your crystals allow you to focus on your endeavours.

  1. Under the Moonlight

New moon energy represents rebirth. Cleansing your crystals under a new moon is one way to set the intention that you are ready to grow for yourself.

Step 3:

Find your favourite spot in the house. It might be in your bedroom, your study room or at your Kitchen Table.

A favourite spot at your house can raise your vibrations for your manifestation ritual. Research shows that our memory is biased toward pleasant emotions.

“Sometimes you have to create your own sunshine.”

Sam Sundquist

Being happy can increase your vibration and align yourself closer with your intention to the Universe. You will be a step closer to your desires.

My favourite spot is at my Bedroom’s desk. I place all my crystals neatly in a beautiful bowl in case I need a quick fix of Manifestation ritual.

Step 4:

Hold your favourite Crystal on your letter to the Universe.

Talk to your Crystal and ask it to amplify and project the energy of your completed vision into the universe.

Feel your vision gather into the crystal and shone it brightly around the room you are sitting in.

Step 5:

Readout your desire in the morning and at night before placing the note under the crystals again.

See, feel and believe you are already in possession of your desire. 

Final Takeaway

  • Crystals are still making a statement in the modern world.
  • Crystals are once stardust, forming through crystallization of minerals during rock reformation.
  • Talk to your Crystal and ask it to amplify and project the energy of your completed vision into the universe.

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